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Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India for 2018


The Online Food Delivery Network in India has experienced a steady growth in the past. Online Food Delivery Network is gaining popularity and has managed to attract Uber: The Global Taxi Service Provider to step in into this industry.The potential is huge as the 25% of the population falls under 25, this particular age group is most likely to be the main Clients of the Industry.Online Food Delivery ecosystem is expected to be a $78 Billion industry by the end of 2018.Every new Food Delivery Startup is trying to innovate something new and searching for the X-Factor for their success.This post is about the “Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India” to appreciate the people who are working to take this booming industry to another step. 

Your Diet is a Bank Account.Good Food Choices are Good Investments-Bethenny Frankel

The Food Tech Industry started with Zomato which tried solving the issue of finding good restaurants around us.Later Foodpanda focused on App and Web-based Online Food Delivery Network.They established themselves as the key player in the industry.The most valuable and unexplored model is “Home Cooked Food” across cities.The competition is increasing day after day for the Food Delivery Startups.Maybe we can expect some great innovation in this Food Delivery Industry.

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India


So, without much let’s jump to the “Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India in 2018;


The most popular Food Delivery App in India.It launched its maiden service in 2012.They have a strong network across the country and boasts of having few of the most powerful partners like Wendy’s, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Subway to name a few.Foodpanda offers the best discount on the food orders.The another added bonus of Foodpanda is that it allows you to save your preferences such as a Favourite restaurant in your profile.There are multiple payment modes available to choose from.Recently, they have introduced guaranteed express delivery service.


Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

The oldest startup in the list.They launched their service to solve the problem of finding a good restaurant for the community.Later they integrated the Online Food Delivery service they have over 42000 restaurants working with them at present in India and it also operates in other 23 countries including US and Australia.

It has grown multi-fold in the past year and they break-even in later 2016.Zomato is the only Food Startup to be running in profit.The key reason behind it is the wide acceptability of the Simple Interface App and the regular enhancements to keep their user base happy.They earn most of their revenue from Advertising and premium listing of the restaurants.

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Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Swiggy is another Online Food Delivery platform.Based in Bangalore it caters mainly to the urban population.Founded by BITS-Pilani alumni Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Redd, Rahul Jaimini, IIT-Kharagpur graduate in 2014.They deliver with their own fleet of delivery persons.

They are functional in 8 cities with over 9000 restaurants working along with them.They provide real-time tracking for the delivery…sounds cool right..!! They don’t have any minimum order scheme and delivers with no extra delivery charges.

4.Tasty Khana

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Tasty Khana founded by Shachin Bharadwaj and Sheldon D’souza in 2007, this Online Food Delivery Startup is present in 7 cities and connects its user from 3,000 different restaurants.The startup is backed up by and European Online Food Delivery company Delivery Hero.The app lets you customise your menu as well as reorder the older your previous order.

Foodpanda acquired Tasty Khana in 2014.


Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Box8 is very well known for products like the All in One meal box, which packs Indian meals and are convenient to eat anywhere. They have created a fusion of Indian and Western food like wraps and sandwiches and results are overwhelming.They have more than 50+ outlets in Mumbai and Bangalore.Indeed they are one of the fastest growing Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India.

This is our version of the Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India that you must consider while ordering online.We expect to see more startup joining the food delivery space in India.Still, we would love to see anyone coming up with the idea of “Delivery of Home Cooked Food“.

Do drop your comments below and share your thoughts with us.

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India


Android has the most extensive ecosystem for users.The users are crazy for Android smartphones as it offers millions of free apps on play store.This is not the only reason to be an Android fanboy, and the Android Smartphones are available at very affordable prices across the globe starting from only $40.Thus, making Android the major player in the evergrowing smartphone industry.If you have ever noticed that there is almost an android app for everything you can do on an Android Smartphone, whether manage your expense or scheduling an SMS or a WhatsApp message or to book a Ticket, it has something for everyone.There are few apps which can come really handy and save your time too.Here we will list out the Top 10 Must Have Android Apps in India you must install on your smartphone.The list will exclude the famous apps and will feature not-so-famous apps that will genuinely make your task easier.

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

1.Simple for Facebook

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

Simple for Facebook is one of our favourite apps.This app kills the pain of using the Facebook App and the Messenger separately.The app makes things more convenient and more straightforward for its users.It merges both the apps together.So, you can check your facebook messages without switching from the Facebook app to the Messenger app directly from this app.Thus saving quite a bit of storage on your device.Surprisingly Simple for Facebook loads faster than the native Facebook app.This app is highly recommended if you find it annoying switching between Facebook and Messenger.

  • Check Facebook Messages in the app
  • Loads faster than native Facebook App
  • Saves storage of the Device.
  • Size: 2.80 Mb
  • Price: Free

2.Direct Chat

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

This is a fascinating app.It creates chat head like the Facebook Messenger for almost every messaging app.This gives you the convenience to read and to reply to messages without actually opening the app.You just need to give notification access to the app and rest will be done by the app itself.You can easily add or remove the apps you want in the settings of the Direct Chat app.

  • Convenient
  • Chat head for all messaging apps
  • Size: 8 Mb
  • Price: Free (Pro version is also available)


Source: installornot

We often share our bill with our friends and splitting the bill is a headache.That is why we use Splitwise App in place of any simple note-taking app.Splitwise helps you to create groups of different peoples and let you share the expenses with them.You can easily share your expenditures for house rent, food and occasional trips.If we make a payment somewhere, the app will divide the expense in the group equally and you can manually add the costs too.It has a feature to “Simplify Group Debt“, to ease the payments in the group.

  • Easy to use
  • Great way to Split Bills in Group
  • Simplify Group Debt is a great feature
  • Share expense for trips and house rent.
  • Size: 9.51 Mb
  • Price: Free


Clicked During Durgapuja 2017

This app can transform a photograph dramatically.Adobe Lightroom is what to the PCs, Snapseed is same to Android Devices.The app is loaded with almost all the feature one would imagine an Android Photo editor to have.Snapseed can fine-tune your photographs, as well as there, are many preset filters to choose from.Snapseed has a vast collection of photograph tools like Curves, Perspective, HDR Scape, Glamour Glow Retrolux to name a few.Here is one edited picture with Snapseed along with the raw photograph.

  • Advanced Photo Editor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Preset Filters
  • Open and edit RAW DNG files
  • Size:57 Mb
  • Price: Free

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5.Rail Yatri

If you prefer travelling by Indian Railway Rail Yatri must be on your android smartphone.This app is a one-stop destination for all your railway queries.Rail Yatri offers you with standard features like Time Table, PNR Status, Live Train Status, Seat Availability and Train between stations.Surprisingly it also provides you fare calculator and Metro Time-Table of trains.Moreover, it adds the benefit of Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and Cab booking from the app itself.

  • Indian Railway Enquiry
  • PNR Status
  • Metro Time-Table
  • Live Train Status
  • Bus & Cab Booking

6.Microsoft SMS Organiser

This app will be handy for the people who still send and receive SMS on a regular basis.There are more of promotional SMS in our inbox than the needed ones.Microsoft SMS organiser separates the SMS into Important and Promotional categories using ML models and placing them in separate folders.

This app doubles as a reminder app.The app will remind you of upcoming events, travel and movies or meetings.This app is designed to work in offline mode.

  • Organise SMS into promotional and Important categories
  • Works as a reminder app
  • Reminds of meeting, upcoming events and travel
  • Price: Free


Reading newspaper is something we all can relate very well to us.Turning pages and reading while relaxing has given pleasures to many.Now in our busy schedules, we can hardly find any time to read newspaper in peace.We need some portable way to understand our newspaper while doing our work.

Dailyhunt (Formerly Newshunt) provides news in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Urdu, Oriya & Punjabi from leading new papers of India.You get news from regional and national newspaper

  • Newspaper app
  • Supports native language like  Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada,
  • You get Breaking News
  • Price: Free


Queues are getting longer these days for doctor’s appointment.Practo is an app that makes this tiring process simpler.This app lets you connect with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones.Booking an appointment, online doctor consultation or buying medicines online, you can quickly do it sitting at home on Practo.

  • Online Appointment with Doctor
  • Online Consultation with Doctor
  • Online medicine purchase
  • Price:Free

9.Smart Kit 360

Smart Kit 360 is an all in one app in size of one app.The app can save a lot of space on your device as well as keep you away from searching each app separately.The app is home to 32 other apps and is highly recommended for daily use.The apps are Heart Rate Monitor, Translator (All languages),Multilingual Dictionary,Battery Saver,Sound Meter,Map,Compass,Magnifier,Mirror, Protractor,Audio, Video Cutter,Notepad,Currency Converter,Calculator & Graph,Unit Converter, Audio Recorder,Metronome,Pitch Tuner,Code Scanner,File Manager, Root Explorer and many more .

  • Price: Free
  • Size: 5 Mb

10.Night Owl

I have been using this app for a very long time.Using the mobile while lying on our bed is common for people these days.During the period, our eyes face brighter screen (even at minimum brightness) and eventually damages our eye.This app dims the display and adjusts according to the darkness and light available.This app will save your eyes from the adverse effect of blue light.The dimness can be controlled from the notification bar of the device.A must have app if you use mobile in the very dark environment.

  • Saves eyes from Bluelight
  • Dims display to adjust to the available light
  • Size:4 Mb
  • Price: Free

Here is our top pick for Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India.The apps here are not that very well known to peoples.The list has useful android apps for daily file to make it simpler.Do share this article and comment your pick for Must have Android Apps?

The difference between VOLTE and LTE ? | FAQs


The terms VOLTE and LTE are so much around us, LTE is the 4th generation of data and voice communication technology.They sound so similar that their meanings and functionality is often confused with each other.Both LTE and VoLTE are completely different. LTE is a mobile network type. VoLTE is a software.The network providers and smartphone manufacturers use them for their marketing strategy and it remains one of the key features of the marketing strategy.In reality, the difference between VOLTE and LTE are not significant but they make a difference.LTE cannot be installed to the device through a software.It is a hardware-based thing. But VoLTE can be made available to your 4G device via OTA updates.Then, what LTE and VOLTE it actually stands for and what they do?

Credit :https://networks.nokia.com
Credit :https://networks.nokia.com (Difference between VOLTE and LTE)

What is LTE?

LTE – Long term Evolution

LTE is a fourth generation mobile data and voice communication technology.It stands for Long Term Evolution, in short 4G and LTE synonyms.Theoretically, LTE supports 100 MBits of download and 50 MBits of upload speeds.LTE is considered as an upgrade to the GSM communication technology.LTE is the fastest data transfer technology available and operators around the globe are upgrading to adopt the LTE technology.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) supports only data transmission.You Just get Data Speeds at 4G speeds, calling is done at traditional 2G transmission medium.Moreover, you need to keep the data on during calls for making the free calls.Owing to this the call clarity drops and is not something with which people can adjust with.Continuous data transmission often results in faster battery drain of the device.Surprisingly, being the superior network it takes more time than 2G or 3G to connect calls.

LTE-Long Term Evolution

  • Data Speed at 4G speed only.
  • Calling is done at traditional medium.
  • Practically, you need third party apps from the vendor for video calling e.g Skype, Whatsapp.
  • Continuous internet data should be enabled for making free calls.
  • Lesser battery life in Device.

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Difference between VOLTE and LTE
Difference between VOLTE and LTE


VOLTE – Voice Over LTE

VOLTE is the upgraded and better technology to LTE.The changes on VOLTE over LTE are significant and makes a lot of difference.The major change was seen as that, the voice and data can be sent simultaneously without any drop in quality.In LTE network if the data is kept on during a call the voice clarity dips.Whereas, in VOLTE network the data need not be switched off during calls.VoLTE is the software which enables your phone’s dialer to place calls through the internet.

VOLTE – Voice Over LTE

  • Internet Data and Voice call will be made on 4G Bandwidth.
  • Data and Voice can be used simultaneously without a drop in quality.
  • Video-Call can be placed without any third party software
  • Call connection time on VOLTE is faster
  • Free calls can be made with Data in off state.
  • Data and battery are less drained.

What are the benefit of  VOLTE over LTE?

  • Voice clarity is superior in VOLTE network
  • Data can be used simultaneously with Voice calls.
  • Use of VOLTE saves battery and ensures better backup.
  • Video calls can be placed without any third party apps.
  • VOLTE can be enabled via OTA updates.
  • Faster call connection time.
  • Improved Connectivity and Coverage.

What is the difference between VOLTE and LTE?

  • Data can be used simultaneously with Voice calls.
  • Data can be used with Voice calls but quality drops.
  • Free calls can be made with Data in off state.
  • Free calls can be made only with Data in on state.
  • Call connection time on VOLTE is faster.
  • Call connection time on VOLTE is  slower
  • Better life in VOLTE
  • Less battery life in LTE network.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.What is VOLTE in mobile?

VOLTE is a software in a mobile phone which works along 4G network.The VOLTE supports data and voice simultaneously.

2.What is the difference between 4G and 4G VOLTE?

4G is the 4th generation of the network often referred as LTE network.The main difference between 4G and 4G VOLTE are “Data can be used simultaneously with Voice calls in VOLTE network”.

3.Which one is better LTE or VOLTE?

Inclusion of VOLTE in a device will benefit the user in many ways-

  • Voice clarity is crisp and clear in VOLTE network
  • Data can be used during  Voice calls.
  •  VOLTE saves battery thus better backup.

4.Can LTE be changed to VOLTE?

If your device does not support VOLTE initially, manufacturers can push an OTA update and VOLTE can be enabled.Your device must have LTE hardware.

I hope this article will help you with better understanding the ” difference between VOLTE and LTE “.Do drop your valuable comments.


5 Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner on Android


The introduction of Android Marshmallow 6.0 to the Android user brought a revolutionary change as in form of biometric authentication of an Android Device.I think many of you have guessed it right.!! Yes, it is the fingerprint scanner.The addition of fingerprint scanner as a security feature has secured the Android Device from unauthorised access.At first, the Fingerprint Scanner was only made avail to the premium mobile segment.With the advancement of technology and time, the Fingerprint Scanner was made available to almost all the mobile phones.The cheapest Android device to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner is priced at only $90 or Rs 6000 approx.Fingerprint Scanner being readily available to all the devices opened up a whole lot of opportunity to Android Native App Developers to integrate the Fingerprint in their Applications for an added layer of security.So, if you have an Android Device with a Fingerprint Scanner, here is the Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner.

5 Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner:

So, Let’s get started without taking much time.

1.Camera Shutter

Your shutter button can be replaced by the Fingerprint Scanner of the device.Most of the Android device with fingerprint Scanner supports this amazing feature.This comes handy while clicking selfies.This works perfectly fine where the Fingerprint Scanner is located on the rear of the device.The feature comes inbuilt to the maximum of the device.Else, you can download  Dactyl app  from the playstore and it will happily serve the purpose.Moreover, this feature will make you even cooler..!!

2.App Lock

Image Credit : Beebom
Image Credit: Beebom

Users are most concerned about their privacy.Our device holds almost all the important details about us, whether it is emails, WhatsApp chats or private pictures.If your phone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, then you can easily fingerprint lock each important application on your device.The apps cannot be opened without your fingerprint.You can use this to lock your messaging app, social media apps, and payment apps.Afterall we do not want anyone to gain access to the sensitive files or important apps on your device.

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3.Quick Actions

This is one of the most interesting Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner.Very few devices support Quick Actions with Fingerprint Scanner.Honor, Google Pixel and few Motorola phone have this feature.Quick Actions lets you customise the fingerprint scanner.The fingerprint scanner can be used in place of the on-screen navigation buttons.Swiping left to right on the fingerprint scanner will take you one step back, swiping down on the fingerprint scanner bring down the notification panel.The actions can be customised as per the requirement.The Quick Actions requires accessibility access.So, you need to enable them first to use it..!!

4.Authenticate Purchase in Google Play Store

Image Credit : Beebom
Image Credit : Beebom

Authenticating each purchase can save you from a lot of hassle.If not done, then anyone using your phone can trigger an order unknowingly or knowingly.Playstore offers its user to authenticate the purchase via fingerprint scanner in place of the traditional Google password.You, simply need to go to the Play Store setting and enable the “Fingerprint Authentication”.Next time, if you wish to make any purchase on the Play Store then you can authenticate it using your fingerprint.


Paying via your Android Device with a tap of a finger is the fastest way.Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay allow you to make payment with just tap of a finger.This makes the check out faster and more secure.Moreover, It looks cool.Even Banking apps have started integrating fingerprint authentication on their apps to provide users with an additional layer of protection.


These are the few Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner on your smartphone.Majority of the people just use it to lock and unlock their devices.There can be few more apps available on the Play Store, you just need to explore.Do share them with us if you find some worth sharing with us.

Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard : Which one is better?


There are thousands of different keyboards available in the market for sale from different manufacturers.They are either mechanical keyboard vs membrane keyboard.You must have come across the term “Mechanical Keyboard” and wondered, Why is it named so? Being a regular computer user I have switched between a lot of keyboards and realised that each differs from each other. Some perform well while some do not live up to the expectation.People have their personal choices while choosing a keyboard and they are designed for a specific purpose.The Gamers will choose a completely different keyboard than compared to a regular user.So, today we will put Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard head to head and share our experience.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboards has a sturdy build.The Mechanical Keyboards uses hard switch to send signals in place of a soft membrane.The Keyboard uses different types of switches which give different feedback to the user.Switches come in three variants: linear with consistent resistance, and tactile with a non-audible bump, or tactile with an audible click.Few of keys require more effort to press and few require less, depending upon the spring resistance.Each particular key has its own pre-defined function.The structure of keys has its own base, a spring and a stem.The keycap of the keyboard is user replaceable, thus making the Mechanical Keyboards highly customisable.Mechanical Keyboards are believed to have a higher precision rate as compared to the Membrane Keyboards because two signals will not interfere with each other.

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Pros of using a Mechanical Keyboard:

  • Replaceable Keycaps

The keycaps are user replaceable which allows the user to customise the Keyboard according to their wish.They can match it with their Computer Case, Desktop Theme or give a look as they want.Mechanical Keyboards are long-lasting, in case if any switch malfunctions you can replace it easily without spending too much.

  • Longer Durability

The Mechanical Keyboards uses a hard switch in place of a membrane.This makes the keyboards to last longer than any regular keyboard.The hard switch and the contact plate of the keyboards are robust and do not give up easily.If any key causes any disruption, it can be easily replaced.

  • Better Typing Ergonomics

The keys of the keyboard need not be pressed till bottom.You can easily press it halfway and release.This allows a better typing ergonomics and much faster-typing speed.Moreover, this results in less fatigue and pain in the fingers.Even it returns a tactile feedback after each keypress.

  • Sturdy Built

Mechanical Keyboards are heavy and very well-built.The heavy built can be either a boon or a bane for many.But, in most of the case, the users found the heaviness of the keyboard to be beneficial because it holds the keyboard at a particular position.

  • Easier to clean

The effort required to clean the keyboard is very less.The keys can be opened up completely and the base of the keyboard can be easily cleaned.

Cons of using a Mechanical Keyboard:

  • Expensive

The keyboards are generally expensive.The premium materials are used to manufacture the keyboards adds to the cost.Moreover, the replaceable components and the technology they use are expensive too thus adding to the price of the mechanical keyboards.

  • Loud

The keyboard makes a tactile sound.The sound depends on the type of the switch which is used in the keyboard.If you are working in the environment where people do not like noise, then this can cause an issue to you.

  • DIY Skill

Replacing the keys yourself needs some DIY skills.If you are someone who does not to like to experiment with your gadgets and devices, If you are planning to get one then better you should grow your interest in that too.

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What is a Membrane Keyboard?

Membrane Keyboards are the most common type of keyboard available in the market.It has a membrane layer which sends the key signal.The Keyboard has a 3 layer membrane design which is very flexible.They are “Top Layer Membrane”, “Holes Layer” and “Bottom Layer Membrane”.When a key is pressed, the signal is passed through the Top Layer Membrane and passing through Holes Layer and finally allowing the pressure pads that are located under each key to passing through.

Pros of Membrane Keyboard:

  • Quiet

The Membrane Keyboard makes less noise as compared to a Mechanical Keyboard.The silicon membrane of the keyboard works as a damping for the keys.Even if you type faster than your normal speed, the Membrane Keyboard will be relatively quiet as compared to any Mechanical Keyboard.

  • Light Weight

The Membrane Keyboards are generally made of plastic.Thus, making the keyboard light and portable.It is always easier to carry a Membrane Keyboard as compared to the heavy built Mechanical Keyboards.

  • More Affordable

The Membrane Keyboard are significantly cheaper than Mechanical Keyboards.The main component being plastic helps in the cost-cutting.Thus this is the main reason for its higher availability.

Cons of Membrane Keyboard:

  • Lifespan

Life Span is less but it will last for few years for sure, the plastic prints on the keys wearout soon after use.The membrane gets mushy with time.This makes the typing experience unpleasant.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning of Membrane Keyboard is a really difficult task.As the keys are non-replaceable it gets difficult to clean the dust out from the middle of the keys.

  • Typing

Typing on these keyboards changes with time as the membrane shrinks or gets hardened.Thus, it require more effort to create the signal.

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Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard: Which one is better for you?

The answer to this question is absolutely based on personal choices.The Mechanical Keyboard is highly customisable with different backlit options and keystroke sound.This allows the user to play around with different looks and configurations of the keyboard. The Mechanical Keyboard is a very well-built and are generally heavy.Thus, these suits well in the permanent working space.The keyboard also requires less effort to type and also last longer as compared to other keyboards.

On the other hand Membrane Keyboards are the most common type of keyboard available in the market.They are more affordable and gets the job done quite comfortably.The Membrane Keyboard may not give the same pleasure of typing as a mechanical keyboard, actually, it requires more effort to type on membrane keyboards.You need to press a key completely to create the signal.They last for a decent period of time.The feel of typing changes with passing time due to the membrane layer, thus making the user adjust with the change.

Frequently Asked Question: Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard

1.Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard for TYPING?

The primary use of the keyboard is typing, both the keyboard gets the work done.But, if we compare both of them then Mechanical Keyboard scores a little higher than a Membrane Keyboard.The typing experience on Mechanical Keyboard is effortless.The feedback of the keys on the keyboard remain same since day-1 till the keyboard is in use.Moreover, the keys create signal even if the keys are half pressed.

2.Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard for GAMING?

Mechanical Keyboard scores more here as well, the better ergonomics makes it a better choice for gaming too.The feedback from the keyboard is exceptional when you are playing.If you need to press a key repeatedly then, you can half press the key to get your work done.This may not sound a major point, but the GAMERS will understand.

3.Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard Lifespan?

The lifespan will generally depend on how you decide to use your keyboard.The Membrane Keyboard easily last for 15-18 Months.After that membrane starts to show its age.This result in poor typing experience.

On the other hand, Mechanical Keyboard remains the same throughout the time.If any key malfunctions you can change the key easily and the Keyboard will work as normal.A mechanical keyboard generally last for 2-3 years easily.

4.Why is Mechanical Keyboard expensive than Membrane Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboard is made of high-quality premium materials.They are rigid and are very well built, the keys can be replaced by the user easily.Moreover, it can be fully customised as per the wish of the user.These are the reason for Mechanical Keyboard being more expensive than Membrane Keyboard.

5.Which one is more affordable and has a better portability?

Talking about affordability, Membrane Keyboard is more affordable.You can get one as cheap as 250/-($4 approx)

Membrane Keyboards are more portable.The built of Membrane Keyboard is not so heavy and can be carried along.Mechanical Keyboard is big NO.They are extremely heavy.






Delete your Google Voice Search :Google is Recording Everything


Is there any one stop solution to every problem we face? Pretty much yes, Google.The tech giant which started way back on 4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States holds a special place in everyone’s life and is the answer to most of our queries.Google has grown so much over the years it is impossible to keep track of everything.Android from Google which has the major share in the Mobile Ecosystem that is used by millions of users every day.As a Search Engine has evolved a lot over the past years, from only text input on google to voice input.Things have changed significantly.However, Google keeps each of our search query saved in our google account to provide us with a better user experience.But, did you know that Google quietly records everything you search by voice? Yes, many of us are unaware that Google keeps all the Google Voice Search phrase in their database.After knowing this many wanted to know How to Delete your Google Voice Search ?

There is 2 side of this move by Google.One which is about the advantage of Google recording your voices, while other could be the creepy google which is recording it without your consent. [I know you did agree to all the TOS, but that doesn’t mean you agree with everything they wish they could do right?]. Every time you search for something on Google, the query & related information is stored & is also available to you to keep a track of it, in case you need to look back.

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How to Find and Delete Your GOOGLE Voice Search ?

Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search

In order to find this you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Visit history.google.com after logging into your Google account.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines on the Top left of the page.
  3. Click on “Voice & Audio Activity” link.
  4. Scroll through all the list of voice activities you need to delete.
  5. Check on the square box next to the inputs & click on Delete.

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Advantages of this data:
If you have a kid who uses or shares your Android device, this tool is a gold mine because now you have all the cute voice recordings, his first tries on the Google search stored which you can listen back to. A valuable gift for someone who has lost that person, while still have their voice recorded though for the search part, still useful.

Tip: Ask your friends to Tap on the Microphone on their Android Device & Say “Find my Voice Recording” or  “Find my Google Voice Recordings”, you will be taken to this story where we help you with all the ways to access, manage, delete & archive this data.




How to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone?

Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone
Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone

Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging services.It has millions of active user exchanging messages and media content across the globe.Whatsapp rolls out frequent updates to give it’ users a better user experience and better productivity.Recently we witnessed the update of inclusion of Voice calling and Video calling on Whatsapp application.The most recent update adds the feature of Stories what we have seen on Instagram and Snapchat.The Whatsapp Story get deleted within 24 hours from the upload time.It would be really amazing if we could Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.There is no direct way to do it.But this it is definitely possible to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.

 Top ways to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone:

There is particularly 2 ways available to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.The methods that will be discussed can be done on any Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.The methods will work perfectly fine on non-root devices.The methods do not require your devices to be rooted.

Method 1: Use ES File Explorer to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone

This method does not require any app to be installed on the device.However, a file manager is required to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.

NOTE: The folder we need to access is hidden by default.We recommend using ES File Explorer to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.

  • Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.
  • Launch ES File Explorer and turn on the “Show Hidden Files” from the left side of the screen.
  • Go to Whatsapp folder and which can be accessed from ES File Explorer directly which can be found under “Phone Storage”.
  • Open the Whatsapp folder and tap on the Media folder.
  • You will see a .Statuses folder in faded blue colour.
  • Open the .Statuses folder and you can see all the stories you have viewed.
  • Click on the Story you want to save and you are done..!!


Method 2: Story Saver for Whatsapp to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone

This is a Third Party App to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.This will easily get your work done.

  • Download Story Saver for Whatsapp from Playstore or click here.
  • Launch the Application and tap on “New” located on the bottom of the screen which will show all recent stories
  • From the Stories available, tap the Photo or Video to open and save it.
  • Now below the Status, tap on the Down Arrow button which will download the Status or Story to your phone Gallery

There is no other way available to Save Whatsapp Stories to Android Phone.Privacy is the main concern for Whatsapp that is why they have not included any direct way to save the Stories.You should also respect the privacy of others users.Finally wrapping up this article.I hope you will find it useful.






Infinity Phone – Smartphone with Infinite Posssibilities or Scam?


Talk about advancement in mobile technologies and companies competing to provide a better product with lower pricings. There are companies like Lenovo (Including Motorola), Xiaomi & Micromax who are known for providing phones with good specs at an economical rate. But talking about competition Infinity Phone can really give a hard time to these well-settled brands.

Specifications :

Taking a humble start Infinity Phone promises to provide some really astonishing specs at an economical price range. The phone comes with a stunning 5.5″ UHD IPS display which is incorporated in a smaller body, giving it a great screen-to-body ratio and a firm hold in hands. The mirror design display also comes with a Corning gorilla glass 2.5D protection (on both front and back side of the phone).

Infinity Phone


Enhanced Security with Fingerprint Scanner and Eyerises

The phone will come with a fingerprint scanner at the back compounded with Eyerises scanner, which can be used to unlock the phone by scanning your eyes.






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Moreover, the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset which will ensure a lag free experience for its users.  32 GB ROM with a Samsung 3 GB RAM, Infinity Phone would easily be able to run the most bulkier of apps and games without any hassle. It will also ensure a smooth multitasking experience for its users.And with a Samsung 3 GB RAM, Infinity Phone would easily be able to run the most bulkier of apps and games without any hassle. It will also ensure a smooth multitasking experience for its users.


The phone comes with a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera which is capable of capturing pictures with great detailing and clarity.

13/8 MP Camera.

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Pricing :

The phone is priced at only 110$ (Approx Rs 7k), Yeah you heard us right. Now, this might seem as a hoax to many of you but this what company has priced it as of now. Isn’t it great?

Verdict :

The phone is definitely a powerhouse of specs on paper, and if it delivers properly then it will become the best Budget Killer smartphone ever launched in India. We are really looking forward to this beautiful smartphone. <3

The company has also started its booking, and you can pre-book your Infinity Phone from Here. 🙂

Pic Courtesy – http://www.infinity-phones.com/



Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM : Which one is Better? [SOLVED]


The RAM is one of the most vital parts of the upgrade list if you are planning to upgrade your PC soon.RAM pushes the system to achieve the best possible performance.A better and faster RAM ensures faster information transmission.Using a slower RAM will result in bottleneck the Processor performance.The CPU will work faster and will have to wait for the RAM to deliver the information.A single channel vs dual channel ram comparison will clear the things out properly.

The advancement in technology has tried to address this issue of speed barrier.The RAM has switched to dual and third channel memory module to increase the information transmission.The most popular being the Dual channel RAM among the power users.Today, we will be comparing the Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM.Do the dual channel memory module RAM help in increasing the performance, or it is just hype? If, yes is it worth upgrading to Dual Channel RAM?

Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM: Architecture

A ram operates on 64 bit of data channel, which means the RAM can push down in a single pipeline having 64 bits together in total bits.The Single Channel Architecture is shown below:

This is the conventional memory module with the single channel for transmission.Nowadays, the system supports multi-channel platforms i.e. more than one communication channel.In the particular case of Dual Channel RAM, the memory module transmits the information at the double the rate as compared to single channel one.Now, we have got 2×64-bit channels available to the memory. This means we’ve increased the data traces running on the memory bus, and now have an effective 128-bit channel.


Also Read:

Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM: How does the DDR3 1333 differ from 1600?

The 1333 and 1600 designations refer to the transfer rates – theoretically, given same CAS latency, DDR3-1600 would perform better than DDR3-1333 due to its greater maximum bandwidth.

However, in practice, very few applications are bound by memory access, and the performance differences are within the margin of statistical error from one another unless you’re trying to game on an integrated GPU – and even then, not so significant as to invest worthwhile.

Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM: Benefits of Dual Channel RAM

  1. Dual channel allows for wider (64 vs 128 bit) memory data bus. In theory, this should enable the system to move data faster since it can use a single call rather than two. In practice, there is only a minor gain in most mainstream workloads.
  2. Additional DIMM slots mean you can physically install more RAM. Larger RAM modules get more expensive or just do not exist. (Try getting a 16GB DDR3 non-ECC module.) These additional slots allow you to install more RAM. Getting 4x4GB is cheaper than 2x8GB.

Single Channel vs Dual Channel RAM: Conclusion

Dual channel RAM is simply faster than single-channel RAM.
In short, Single Channel RAM operates on a single 64-bit data channel.  Meaning it has 64bits to use at one time.  Dual Channel RAM can operate up two 64-bit data channels, doubling its POTENTIAL speed. Now the channels are not separate or independent, so please keep that in mind.

Dual Channel likely will not show any huge difference in gaming or things of that nature, BUT for rendering, compiling, and encoding there’s a dramatic advantage.

But generally speaking, there will be advantages to using dual channel RAM over a single channel.  Even if you’re going to want to use dual-channel.  Besides, performing even 10% better is still “better”.

RAM vs Graphics Card : Which Must Be Better and Powerful?


We get very excited when we are about to get our new PC or Laptop computer.The excitation level is sometimes so high that we overlook the configurations of the computer.This results in a poorly configured device or components being bottlenecked.The main components we need to look while picking up a new PC or Laptop are Processor, RAM, Motherboard and GPU or simply the Graphics Card.Selection of processor is made right by the user.The main confusion arises in between the selection of the RAM and Graphics card or simply it is RAM vs Graphics Card.Here in this article, we will discuss in depth of the confusion of the RAM vs Graphics Card.

Before we jump into the depth, let us understand what actually RAM and Graphics Card do to our computer system.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) often referred as Primary Memory or Main Memory.RAM is a hardware component of the CPU that is responsible for storing and retrieving data on a computer.The two main types of RAM are Static RAM (SRAM) and Dynamic RAM (DRAM). Both types are volatile. SRAM is faster but more expensive to produce than DRAM, which is why DRAM is more prevalent in today’s devices.RAM is usually associated with DRAM, Because the memory is accessed randomly instead of the sequential way of accessing data in CD or DVDs.This makes the RAM faster.The RAM is a volatile memory that needs the power to keep the data alive.If the power is turned off, the memory gets completely wiped off.The performance of the RAM depends on the frequency it operates on.The higher frequency better the performance output it will offer.

What is Graphics Card?

Graphics Card is a part of computer system responsible for viewing pictures on your computer screen.It does it b converting the data from the CPU to the picture.The better the Graphics Processor will be the better will be the picture output.The graphics card comes to the rescue of heavy gamers and video editors.There are two types of Graphics Card, (i) Integrated (ii) Dedicated.

Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Graphics Card

Integrated Graphics Card: This particular type of graphics card is inbuilt in the motherboard.It does not require any extra component attachment.They are standard in most of the PC and Laptops these days.They are suitable for casual works only.

Dedicated Graphics Card: This is an add-on graphics card which is installed on the motherboard.This is ideal for the power users who want to extract the maximum performance out from their PC or Laptop.The dedicated Graphics Card is suitable for the user who is into Heavy Gaming and Multimedia works.The Graphics Card attach to the PCI Express expansion slot in the mother board.The major manufacturer is Nvidia and AMD.Graphics Card supports multiple monitors.The output ports are HDMI, VGA Display Port and DVI port.

GTX 1080
GTX 1080

Both of the components provides better stability and performance to the computer system.But can anyone of these replace the other one?

RAM vs Graphics Card: More RAM or better Graphics Card for GAMING?

Keeping the perspective of gaming in priority.Let’s do a ram vs graphics card comparison.Take a general scenario into consideration.Suppose, your motherboard supports 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM.We would guess you own a fairly good CPU too that has at least an integrated graphics card along with your Dedicated graphics card.If you have a 5th or 6th Generation CPU with at least 2.6 GHz processor, that is enough for most of the games out there.


Now coming next to the Hard Disk.If you have a standard hard disk, specifically the 5400 rpm type, you’re gonna get poor gaming performance and a bad gaming experience because it has a slow read/write speeds.
The best thing you could do is to get an SSD and install whatever games/programs for which you want better performance onto that because SSDs have considerably higher read/write speeds as compared to a hard disk. You will notice a vast improvement.7200 rpm HDDs are acceptable.


Graphics memory, don’t decide the power of the card. Like GTX 960, 2GB is definitely more powerful than GT 730 4GB. GPUs depends on other stuff like core clock speeds, DDRx (3,5) etc.Memory is not the only indicator of game performance. If anything, it’s the least important one. CPU Processing power, GPU processing power, etc.


Next is RAM, Let’s check how fast is your RAM is? The speed of RAM varies from 1333 MHz to 2000+ MHz.If your motherboard does not support faster RAM, then motherboard could be your problem.The faster RAM better will be the performance.

RAM and Graphics Card both have particular operations to follow.The RAM works well with light computer operations.The Graphics Card jumps into when it senses that Processor and RAM are experiencing higher load than normal to balance the load on CPU.The Graphics Card also works as a load balancer in many cases.

CONCLUSION : More ram or Better Graphics Card provide better performance?

The Graphic Card will make a better difference to the overall experience.Graphics Card with 2GB is sufficient for all sorts of games. If you are going for more than two monitors then you might need to consider 4GB cards. Whether you are watching a movie, or playing a game or even moving a mouse pointer, everything is calculations in binary inside the CPU and GPU (the GPU is responsible for rendering the display output). So to store results of such huge amount of calculations, and to perform them, the CPU/GPU needs memory. That’s what the RAM is- memory for storing and performing all the calculations.So wrapping up invest in a good Graphics Card and buy the fastest frequency RAM your motherboard can support.We hope, this has cleared a little bit of the query of ram vs graphics card.