Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

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Android has the most extensive ecosystem for users.The users are crazy for Android smartphones as it offers millions of free apps on play store.This is not the only reason to be an Android fanboy, and the Android Smartphones are available at very affordable prices across the globe starting from only $40.Thus, making Android the major player in the evergrowing smartphone industry.If you have ever noticed that there is almost an android app for everything you can do on an Android Smartphone, whether manage your expense or scheduling an SMS or a WhatsApp message or to book a Ticket, it has something for everyone.There are few apps which can come really handy and save your time too.Here we will list out the Top 10 Must Have Android Apps in India you must install on your smartphone.The list will exclude the famous apps and will feature not-so-famous apps that will genuinely make your task easier.

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

1.Simple for Facebook

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

Simple for Facebook is one of our favourite apps.This app kills the pain of using the Facebook App and the Messenger separately.The app makes things more convenient and more straightforward for its users.It merges both the apps together.So, you can check your facebook messages without switching from the Facebook app to the Messenger app directly from this app.Thus saving quite a bit of storage on your device.Surprisingly Simple for Facebook loads faster than the native Facebook app.This app is highly recommended if you find it annoying switching between Facebook and Messenger.

  • Check Facebook Messages in the app
  • Loads faster than native Facebook App
  • Saves storage of the Device.
  • Size: 2.80 Mb
  • Price: Free

2.Direct Chat

Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India

This is a fascinating app.It creates chat head like the Facebook Messenger for almost every messaging app.This gives you the convenience to read and to reply to messages without actually opening the app.You just need to give notification access to the app and rest will be done by the app itself.You can easily add or remove the apps you want in the settings of the Direct Chat app.

  • Convenient
  • Chat head for all messaging apps
  • Size: 8 Mb
  • Price: Free (Pro version is also available)


Source: installornot

We often share our bill with our friends and splitting the bill is a headache.That is why we use Splitwise App in place of any simple note-taking app.Splitwise helps you to create groups of different peoples and let you share the expenses with them.You can easily share your expenditures for house rent, food and occasional trips.If we make a payment somewhere, the app will divide the expense in the group equally and you can manually add the costs too.It has a feature to “Simplify Group Debt“, to ease the payments in the group.

  • Easy to use
  • Great way to Split Bills in Group
  • Simplify Group Debt is a great feature
  • Share expense for trips and house rent.
  • Size: 9.51 Mb
  • Price: Free


Clicked During Durgapuja 2017

This app can transform a photograph dramatically.Adobe Lightroom is what to the PCs, Snapseed is same to Android Devices.The app is loaded with almost all the feature one would imagine an Android Photo editor to have.Snapseed can fine-tune your photographs, as well as there, are many preset filters to choose from.Snapseed has a vast collection of photograph tools like Curves, Perspective, HDR Scape, Glamour Glow Retrolux to name a few.Here is one edited picture with Snapseed along with the raw photograph.

  • Advanced Photo Editor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Preset Filters
  • Open and edit RAW DNG files
  • Size:57 Mb
  • Price: Free

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5.Rail Yatri

If you prefer travelling by Indian Railway Rail Yatri must be on your android smartphone.This app is a one-stop destination for all your railway queries.Rail Yatri offers you with standard features like Time Table, PNR Status, Live Train Status, Seat Availability and Train between stations.Surprisingly it also provides you fare calculator and Metro Time-Table of trains.Moreover, it adds the benefit of Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and Cab booking from the app itself.

  • Indian Railway Enquiry
  • PNR Status
  • Metro Time-Table
  • Live Train Status
  • Bus & Cab Booking

6.Microsoft SMS Organiser

This app will be handy for the people who still send and receive SMS on a regular basis.There are more of promotional SMS in our inbox than the needed ones.Microsoft SMS organiser separates the SMS into Important and Promotional categories using ML models and placing them in separate folders.

This app doubles as a reminder app.The app will remind you of upcoming events, travel and movies or meetings.This app is designed to work in offline mode.

  • Organise SMS into promotional and Important categories
  • Works as a reminder app
  • Reminds of meeting, upcoming events and travel
  • Price: Free


Reading newspaper is something we all can relate very well to us.Turning pages and reading while relaxing has given pleasures to many.Now in our busy schedules, we can hardly find any time to read newspaper in peace.We need some portable way to understand our newspaper while doing our work.

Dailyhunt (Formerly Newshunt) provides news in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Urdu, Oriya & Punjabi from leading new papers of India.You get news from regional and national newspaper

  • Newspaper app
  • Supports native language like  Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada,
  • You get Breaking News
  • Price: Free


Queues are getting longer these days for doctor’s appointment.Practo is an app that makes this tiring process simpler.This app lets you connect with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones.Booking an appointment, online doctor consultation or buying medicines online, you can quickly do it sitting at home on Practo.

  • Online Appointment with Doctor
  • Online Consultation with Doctor
  • Online medicine purchase
  • Price:Free

9.Smart Kit 360

Smart Kit 360 is an all in one app in size of one app.The app can save a lot of space on your device as well as keep you away from searching each app separately.The app is home to 32 other apps and is highly recommended for daily use.The apps are Heart Rate Monitor, Translator (All languages),Multilingual Dictionary,Battery Saver,Sound Meter,Map,Compass,Magnifier,Mirror, Protractor,Audio, Video Cutter,Notepad,Currency Converter,Calculator & Graph,Unit Converter, Audio Recorder,Metronome,Pitch Tuner,Code Scanner,File Manager, Root Explorer and many more .

  • Price: Free
  • Size: 5 Mb

10.Night Owl

I have been using this app for a very long time.Using the mobile while lying on our bed is common for people these days.During the period, our eyes face brighter screen (even at minimum brightness) and eventually damages our eye.This app dims the display and adjusts according to the darkness and light available.This app will save your eyes from the adverse effect of blue light.The dimness can be controlled from the notification bar of the device.A must have app if you use mobile in the very dark environment.

  • Saves eyes from Bluelight
  • Dims display to adjust to the available light
  • Size:4 Mb
  • Price: Free

Here is our top pick for Top 10 Must have Android Apps in India.The apps here are not that very well known to peoples.The list has useful android apps for daily file to make it simpler.Do share this article and comment your pick for Must have Android Apps?

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