How to do Battery Calibration on Android Device?

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Android Smartphone users generally face problems with battery on their Smartphone.This makes them reconsider their decision of phone they have purchased.Around 55% of the Android users complain about the battery issues in their smartphone in the very first month of the purchase.They complain about the sudden drain of battery, automatic switch off and phone not getting charged.As a precaution, they carry a Powerbank for topping up the device.These issues can occur due to poor Battery Calibration, Battery Calibration is a way to fix Smartphone’s Battery acting abnormally.

There are few things one should need to take care before starting the process of Battery Calibration.Let’s take look on them one by one;

What is Battery Calibration?

Android OS packs a Battery Stats Checker.This basically shows the battery levels and percentage of battery each hardware and software is consuming.Unfortunately, when Battery Stat Checker gets corrupted or displays mismatched battery level with the actual battery level.Due to this phone starts to act abnormally like switching off before hitting 0% battery or showing incorrect battery levels, even worse it may stop charging completely.

The battery calibration process would standardise the system and ensures that the information shown are accurate.The method is trail and hit method.You may need to do it more than once.In this process, no physical changes will be made, we would make the battery calibration normal.

When to do Battery Calibration?

This must be done once battery completes 55-60 charge cycles.Else, whenever you feel standby time or Screen on Time has drastically decreased.

What happens when you do Battery Calibration?

Android Battery Stats will sync with actual battery level once it reaches 100% of its capacity and will display accurate battery percentage on the smartphone.

Check Battery Health:


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A smartphone’s battery may last for a year or so depending on the usage pattern of the user.Here you need to physically examine the battery by pulling out from the phone.Check for any bulges or any susceptible issues.If the phone has a sealed battery, open back panel of the mobile and check for any bulges, or anything similar.If all is good then proceed to next step for checking firmware issues.

Check Firmware:

At times there are Software issues behind the poor Battery Calibration.Mobile manufacturers push OTA(over-the-air) updates to its device to resolve such software related issues.Not updating your phone regularly may result in poor battery backup.Check for any update pushed by the manufacturer.If any are pending do update them and check again for battery backup.Even if it does not work, micro USB proceed to next step.

Check Ports:

Nearly 98% of the smartphone is equipped with micro USB 2.0 port for charging.Users opt for third-party chargers of higher power output thus resulting in damaging of ports.Even pushing and pulling the cable very hard will damage the port and eventually, the battery will not charge completely.Check for any deformation in the USB port of the phone or try with a different cable or check with another genuine charger.

 In Simple words, the calibration process would reset your battery stats through a process mentioned below & show you the correct data.

How to Calibrate your Battery:

There are different types of Battery Calibration methods available.Here we will discuss the process for the non-rooted smartphones.Listed below are the stepwise method;

1.Completely discharge your phone until it switches off automatically.

2.Try to turn it on again, it should turn OFF again

3.Charge the phone to 100% without switching it on.

4.Unplug your phone and use it until it’s completely discharged.

5.Charge again to 100% and yo are done…!!!

Using 3rd Party Battery Calibration App:

1.Install Battery Calibration App.

2.Grant Access to the application

3.Follow the instructions given in the Application

4.Check battery life else do it again.

Note: It is highly advised not to repeat this process again and again.If you find issues with the battery again, it is better to head to the service centre.You have done maximum you can do for your phone.Share your thoughts on this.Share if you find this useful.



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