Food Delivery Apps In India for 2019

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The Online Food Delivery Network in India has experienced a steady growth in the past. Online Food Delivery Network is gaining popularity and has managed to attract Uber: The Global Taxi Service Provider to step in into this industry.The potential is huge as the 25% of the population falls under 25, this particular age group is most likely to be the main Clients of the Industry.Online Food Delivery ecosystem is expected to be a $78 Billion industry by the end of 2018.Every new Food Delivery Startup is trying to innovate something new and searching for the X-Factor for their success.This post is about the “Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India” to appreciate the people who are working to take this booming industry to another step. 

Your Diet is a Bank Account.Good Food Choices are Good Investments-Bethenny Frankel

The Food Tech Industry started with Zomato which tried solving the issue of finding good restaurants around us.Later Foodpanda focused on App and Web-based Online Food Delivery Network.They established themselves as the key player in the industry.The most valuable and unexplored model is “Home Cooked Food” across cities.The competition is increasing day after day for the Food Delivery Startups.Maybe we can expect some great innovation in this Food Delivery Industry.

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India


So, without much let’s jump to the “Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India in 2018;


The most popular Food Delivery App in India.It launched its maiden service in 2012.They have a strong network across the country and boasts of having few of the most powerful partners like Wendy’s, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Subway to name a few.Foodpanda offers the best discount on the food orders.The another added bonus of Foodpanda is that it allows you to save your preferences such as a Favourite restaurant in your profile.There are multiple payment modes available to choose from.Recently, they have introduced guaranteed express delivery service.


Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

The oldest startup in the list.They launched their service to solve the problem of finding a good restaurant for the community.Later they integrated the Online Food Delivery service they have over 42000 restaurants working with them at present in India and it also operates in other 23 countries including US and Australia.

It has grown multi-fold in the past year and they break-even in later 2016.Zomato is the only Food Startup to be running in profit.The key reason behind it is the wide acceptability of the Simple Interface App and the regular enhancements to keep their user base happy.They earn most of their revenue from Advertising and premium listing of the restaurants.

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Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Swiggy is another Online Food Delivery platform.Based in Bangalore it caters mainly to the urban population.Founded by BITS-Pilani alumni Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Redd, Rahul Jaimini, IIT-Kharagpur graduate in 2014.They deliver with their own fleet of delivery persons.

They are functional in 8 cities with over 9000 restaurants working along with them.They provide real-time tracking for the delivery…sounds cool right..!! They don’t have any minimum order scheme and delivers with no extra delivery charges.

4.Tasty Khana

Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Tasty Khana founded by Shachin Bharadwaj and Sheldon D’souza in 2007, this Online Food Delivery Startup is present in 7 cities and connects its user from 3,000 different restaurants.The startup is backed up by and European Online Food Delivery company Delivery Hero.The app lets you customise your menu as well as reorder the older your previous order.

Foodpanda acquired Tasty Khana in 2014.


Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India

Box8 is very well known for products like the All in One meal box, which packs Indian meals and are convenient to eat anywhere. They have created a fusion of Indian and Western food like wraps and sandwiches and results are overwhelming.They have more than 50+ outlets in Mumbai and Bangalore.Indeed they are one of the fastest growing Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India.

This is our version of the Top Rated Food Delivery Apps In India that you must consider while ordering online.We expect to see more startup joining the food delivery space in India.Still, we would love to see anyone coming up with the idea of “Delivery of Home Cooked Food“.

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