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To start off here is the compilation of the Best Camera App for Android. People take photography as a hobby but many treat it as their profession. We try to capture each and every cherishable moment of our life. Carrying a digital camera every time along with them is not convenient. We may need to click a picture in an unexpected moment. The smartphones with a camera came into existence way back in 2009 and earlier to that existed basic phone with a camera(0.3 MP).Best Camera App for Android??

These camera phones captured the market like wildfire. The android smartphones started to feature a better and improved camera with every new device. Android Smartphones have improved drastically over the years, such that they have successfully replaced the point and shoot cameras completely. People find it more convenient to invest at a single place to get a better camera for clicking pictures. The camera is now one of the prime features of Smartphones. To the surprise, smartphone cameras are doing pretty amazing jobs these days. Not only the smartphone but Best Camera App for Android have been developed to extract the best from Android cameras. Plenty of  Best Camera App for Android is available on the internet. It is always difficult to which one to pick, do not worry we will get the job done for you. Here is the list of The 10 Best Camera App for Android.

Top 10 Best Camera App for Android

1.Camera MX

Camera MX is a free app which offers you enough control to take a perfect shot..!! The main USP of Camera MX is easy navigation within the camera interface. In the left side, you will get settings, camera switch, flash toggle, Live Shot, Panorama, and effects. The right side has a shutter and video recording. The live shot creates moving photos. The app features Scene modes like selfie, night, sunset, snow, landscape, etc.FX button has a huge collection of effects such as HDR, Lomo, flip, kaleidoscope, automatic optimisation, overlays, and textures favourite being the “Kaleidoscope”.App supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio.It is capable of recording at 1080p @ 30FPS(for test device).Camera MX is tablet compatible.

2.Camera 360

Camera 360 is a beautify camera app. It offers a fairly neat interface. In the left side, you will find a switch camera button. Below that you get a whole lot of face beauty customization like Skin tone, Facelift, Eyes Enlarger, Face Tone and in-depth skin tone.Settings appear next,offers you Frame Selection (1:1,4:3,16:9).Flash toggle, differntTouch to capture, Timer.Blur Effect, Grid and advanced settings of ISO and focus.

On the other side of the interface, you will find different shooting filters. Moreover, more skins are available in the app to customise your face with a cat face, princess, dog, and angels. As a package Camera 360 offers a lot and can make you more creative with your photography skills. It also records videos at 1080p(max in test device), but it is better to use for still photography.


Cymera is an another camera app for Android devices. It features a clean interface. It has all the basic controls required to get good photographs. Left of the interface has Mode Selection, Blur Setting, Camera switch, and Flash toggle. The right side offers you album, shutter button, nd the aspect ratio selection. The app has a dedicated Beauty Camera section as soon as the app is launched. You can select between normal or the beauty mode. It has plenty of camera modes like side by side photographs and more. You can access all the filters, modes and features directly from the home screen of the app. Surprisingly app features around 130 different filters. Woah..!!


Hypocam is a Black & White camera app. It is one of its kind and unique. People having interest towards photography knows how well a Black & White can look. The interface is clean and simple to use. The app offers a host of controls. The left side has colour tint, Camera toggle, Grid(3 types), Flash toggle, Brightness, and Contrast. Another side just has the shutter button rest are online picture gallery.

5.Open Camera

A must have photography app if you what settings are you playing with. App has a minimalistic design element to it. In top Time along with free storage is displayed. The top bar has a camera switch, switching between still and video mode, EV settings, exposure locking and manual settings. Manual settings offer ISO Controls, Photo mode(STANDARD, DRO, HDR), still photo and video resolution settings. Bottom right corner has the zoom slider. As a package, it offers a perfect package for photography.

6.Bacon Camera

An advanced Android camera app with complete manual controls and tonnes of features. This has a very very interesting user-interface. The left side of the interface has the camera switching, FX lets you record you GIFs, Multi Exposure Shots, and True Portrait. Below that you get settings, picture tone, skin tone, colour effect and scene selection.M is for complete manual control mode. Manual mode can control the shutter speed, ISO balance, EV setting, White Balance, and Blur. Opposite side has the slideable shutter button which switches between Video, Photo and Panorama mode. A fantastic app to have on your phone.

7.Footej Camera

Footej Camera primarily focuses on the best shot. The camera interface is nice and simple to use. The app hands you the power manual mode. The settings consist of the grid, timer, white balance, exposure, focus, mic on and motion control. The photographs are captured in a completely raw format and can be tweaked to get better of it. Same stands for the video. You can set the ISO and the EV settings before recording the footage. A nice bloatware free app.


Ektacam-Analog camera app, interesting tagline seems interesting.A simple to use the app.It does not have manual controls but has some pretty interesting filters.Everything is on the left side of the app.Settings have some basic options like MegaPixel, timer, widescreen.Next, to it, Filters has unique naming of the analog camera Kodak, Fujifilm and so. There are four main category B&W, NegetaiveConsumer Instant, Pro-Negative, and power. These contain another 5 filter each. Thus you can surely take a look at this app If you wish to capture something unique and satisfying.

9.Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 is considered to be the Best Camera App for Android. It probably has every setting one would desire to have in their phone(the phone must support it). The interface packs a lot of things together. On the left side, You have a setting which consists of audio, Megavideo and picture settings. The menu has histogram and grid. Then there is a flash toggle. You even have audio motoring feature. Bottom of the interface has the white balance, focus, metering modes, gives ISO and exposure settings. The right side has the shutter button and current setting information. Overall a must have app if you are into true mobile photography.


VSCO enjoys being a classic. The pretty neat interface make you just click and GO..!!! The minimum controls and minimal setting give it a classic look. You just get a camera switch toggle, and flash and shutter button, that’s it. There is nothing as easy as using this app. A must have if you have to play around with all the advanced settings.

This was the compilation of the Best Camera App for Android. We hope,  the list has all the Best Camera App for Android. Drop your comments and suggestions.

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