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Android vs iOS : Which one is Better and WHY ?

Written by Morsonic

Have you ever thought what makes iPhone a top-end mobile device?Since its inception in the year 2007, it has developed itself and reached to the pioneer level in the world of Smartphone industry.On the other hand, Android has given the access of smartphone to the masses.People, to be precise “Fanboys” will discuss the superiority between the Android and iPhone smartphones.So, let’s put Android and iOS head to head in the comparison and see the Android vs iOS Which one is better?

Android vs iOS

To start off, as we know in 2017 we primarily have two options to choose from, yes they are  Android and iOS powering the iPhones.Both these platforms are highly matured and have a fair amount of fan base.But, which one you should be using?

What Android does better than iOS?

Let’s start off with the basic user interface and user experience.Android offers a much better user experience as compared to iOS.Here’s what I am talking about, the notification centre is way ahead as well as nicely organised as compared to iOS where it’s all messed up.Unlike iOS, you can simply swipe to remove notifications and you get actions on all notifications.In Android O update you can even snooze notifications.Where in iOS, the lock screen and notification centre get together and create a chaos.Android is the right platform if you need to do multitasking.You can switch between apps by double tap and you can open apps in split-screens too.The multitasking on iOS is annoying, the reason being there is no switch to kill all apps at once, but why?

Android is completely customisable starting from “How to Looks” to “How it Performs”.You can get everything according to your wish.There are tonnes of Launcher apps to get total control of your device.Did I tell you, you can easily install a custom ROM on your device and transform it completely.Moreover, sideloading apps is easier on Android on Android as compared to iOS.The rooting community is more spread than the Jailbreak community.

Root access to your Android device gives you the total control of the device.Starting from looks, works, over clocking or under clocking and do a lot more.After a Jailbreak in iOS, you get to do very few tweaks with custom apps to the device.There are few more features which you will not find on iOS.The user account feature gives you the control. how others will use your device.The google assistant is a step ahead in recognising the voice.Siri is getting with iOS 11 but Google Assistant is still the best when it comes to recognising voice and context based queries.The Android updates bring some significant changes to the platform which iOS again fails to do.Plus you get the headphone jack..!!

There is an Android phone at every price point.At the top, there is Google Pixel and Samsung S8 which makes iPhone run for its money.Then, there is One Plus 5 which offers you the best specification at a mid high-end price point.There are Redmi phones which offer great value for money plus you get dual sim support and expandable storage, which iPhone users have just dreamt of.There are few more things which Android does better than iOS but that will take a lot of time.

Now, let’s see What iOS does better than Android?

Android offers a lot of features but iOS offers great user experience and stability which Android fails to deliver.Firstly, the iOS interface is very pleasing to the users, which many of Android users admit.iPhone has only one button unlike many on an Android device.The back gesture comes very handily in iOS as users get used to it with time.The control centre on iOS is something very interesting on iOS.On Android, you need to pull down twice to get the toggle, which gets very tough when you are using those big screen phones.In iOS 11, the control centre is customisable with a screen recorder toggle, which Android misses natively.The 3D touch function on iOS works better than Android’s app shortcuts and it is much superior in functions.You can touch on any applications to get more information via 3D touch.Did I tell you there is no bloatware present in iOS, the default installed can be removed completely unlike Android.

The Android ecosystem has more free apps, that is true but most of the Android apps are loaded with ads whereas iOS features better apps without ads.Thus, makes it more user-friendly to use.Another positive on iOS is that all the premium apps are launched on iOS first, much before Android like Super Mario Run, Pokemon GO and Instagram the list will go on and on.The iOS is more protected to malware attacks, Android provides security patches but OEM fails to deliver them to the users.Here is the thing Apple releases an update all Apple devices receive the updates, Android releases an update, then OEM modify for each model, it takes months for an update to arrive.You can simply backup your whole device on iCloud and iTunes which is just amazing.Then there is continuity , where you can start a work on iPhone and later you can resume your work on your iMAC. there are face time and icamera too.

The battery is smaller than many Android Smartphone, the battery optimisation is way more superior than an Android device. You might get a lot of choices in Android Smartphones, but this can lead you to pick the wrong device too.With the launch of every new iPhone, the older ones get a decent price cut, thus making them more affordable.They perform as a good all round devices and remains a premium phone.People buy iPhone for their status symbol.which no other Android device can match, this may sound harsh but this is the reality.

Now concluding the comparison of Android vs iOS.This is what we feel.

Why should you go for Android?

Why should you go for iOS?

This was pretty much from our side on Android vs iOS : Which one is Better and WHY ?.Drop your comments and anything you would love to add to this comparison of Android vs iOS.


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