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5 Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner on Android

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The introduction of Android Marshmallow 6.0 to the Android user brought a revolutionary change as in form of biometric authentication of an Android Device.I think many of you have guessed it right.!! Yes, it is the fingerprint scanner.The addition of fingerprint scanner as a security feature has secured the Android Device from unauthorised access.At first, the Fingerprint Scanner was only made avail to the premium mobile segment.With the advancement of technology and time, the Fingerprint Scanner was made available to almost all the mobile phones.The cheapest Android device to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner is priced at only $90 or Rs 6000 approx.Fingerprint Scanner being readily available to all the devices opened up a whole lot of opportunity to Android Native App Developers to integrate the Fingerprint in their Applications for an added layer of security.So, if you have an Android Device with a Fingerprint Scanner, here is the Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner.

5 Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner:

So, Let’s get started without taking much time.

1.Camera Shutter

Your shutter button can be replaced by the Fingerprint Scanner of the device.Most of the Android device with fingerprint Scanner supports this amazing feature.This comes handy while clicking selfies.This works perfectly fine where the Fingerprint Scanner is located on the rear of the device.The feature comes inbuilt to the maximum of the device.Else, you can download  Dactyl app  from the playstore and it will happily serve the purpose.Moreover, this feature will make you even cooler..!!

2.App Lock

Image Credit : Beebom

Image Credit: Beebom

Users are most concerned about their privacy.Our device holds almost all the important details about us, whether it is emails, WhatsApp chats or private pictures.If your phone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, then you can easily fingerprint lock each important application on your device.The apps cannot be opened without your fingerprint.You can use this to lock your messaging app, social media apps, and payment apps.Afterall we do not want anyone to gain access to the sensitive files or important apps on your device.

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3.Quick Actions

This is one of the most interesting Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner.Very few devices support Quick Actions with Fingerprint Scanner.Honor, Google Pixel and few Motorola phone have this feature.Quick Actions lets you customise the fingerprint scanner.The fingerprint scanner can be used in place of the on-screen navigation buttons. Check eyelash extensions las vegas Swiping left to right on the fingerprint scanner will take you one step back, swiping down on the fingerprint scanner bring down the notification panel.The actions can be customised as per the requirement.The Quick Actions requires accessibility access.So, you need to enable them first to use it..!!

4.Authenticate Purchase in Google Play Store

Image Credit : Beebom

Image Credit : Beebom

Authenticating each purchase can save you from a lot of hassle.If not done, then anyone using your phone can trigger an order unknowingly or knowingly.Playstore offers its user to authenticate the purchase via fingerprint scanner in place of the traditional Google password.You, simply need to go to the Play Store setting and enable the “Fingerprint Authentication”.Next time, if you wish to make any purchase on the Play Store then you can authenticate it using your fingerprint.


Paying via your Android Device with a tap of a finger is the fastest way.Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay allow you to make payment with just tap of a finger.This makes the check out faster and more secure.Moreover, It looks cool.Even Banking apps have started integrating fingerprint authentication on their apps to provide users with an additional layer of protection.


These are the few Personalized Way To Use Fingerprint Scanner on your smartphone.Majority of the people just use it to lock and unlock their devices.There can be few more apps available on the Play Store, you just need to explore.Do share them with us if you find some worth sharing with us.

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