11 Smartphone Photography Hack you MUST Know

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Playing around with smartphone camera is one of the best things we can do to kill our time.This, fortunately, brushes up our smartphone photography skills.We always had an urge to improve your skills.If you are one of them, then you are at the right place.Here, we will share some amazing smartphone photography hack that will surely add a tinge of expertise touch to your photographs.Nowadays smartphone camera is very well equipped to tackle the point and shoot cameras.We must have experienced that the camera feature is considered to be one of the prime features to look out on a smartphone.We especially lookout for camera samples and camera review.But, to unlock the true potential of the smartphone camera, smartphone photography hack is what you need.Be it tweaking the manual settings or playing around with the surroundings.

Smartphone Photography Hack #1: Know the Light Source

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Light plays the most significant role in the final shape of the photograph.Mastering this skill can take up a little bit of time, but it will be worth it.Have you ever observed that taking a picture keeping the sun in the background comes out absolutely white with a very dark subject? Capture the same photograph with the same topic just by maintaining the sun in the front of the subject.You must have observed how differently the two pictures came out.This is the best example of understanding the importance of light in photography.It is best advised to keep the subject in front of the light source.Sometimes light can be very harsh, which will eventually turn the photograph whiteish.The harshness can be reduced by using light filters.

Smartphone Photography Hack #2: Using the Rule of Thirds

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Rule of thirds brings out the drama in a photograph.It is the most utilised hack one would prefer to use.Simply jump into your camera app and turn on the grid from the settings.The most common mistake a beginner will do is that they will just place their subject in the middle and start to capture.This is where the rule of thirds apply.If you are reading this, do give it a try.The rule of thirds defines that “Keeping the main subject in the position where the lines intersect in the 1/3rd of the right or left of the grid or 1/3rd of the top or bottom of the grid.This makes a whole lot of difference.

Smartphone Photography Hack #3: Using sunglass as Light Filter

As we have discussed earlier, how much the light source influences a photograph.Clicking photos under harsh sunlight will give whiteish photos and but you want to get the best shot from your smartphone.How about using a lighter shade sunglass as a light filter? Is it even possible, yes definitely yes..! Look into your sunglass collection and try out.The sunglass will block a fair amount of light coming into the smartphone camera lens.You can experiment with the different types of a sunglass to give it a retro or same effect as using filters while editing.

Smartphone Photography Hack #4: Capture Dramatic Panorama Shot

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You can get some amazing photographs with panorama shots.Panorama captures the whole of the scenery in a single shot.You just have to move in the same direction at a steady speed to get it perfect.Panorama captures different photographs and merges them together.What if we pose differently in each frame.Sounds interesting right.Just look at this picture.

Smartphone Photography Hack #5: Keep the flash off

Smartphone manufacturers maintain the flash settings very aggressive.Even If it gets a little dark, the flash activates automatically.The flash froze the moving object to get a perfect photograph, but it blurs out the subject sometime.You do not want to mess up with the picture at the right moment.The best practice is to keep the flash off, and switch to manual mode and increase the ISO to the max.If you maximise the ISO, this will result in freezing the subject better and clearer.The photograph will be better with ambient lighting and more colours instead of bright face and black background.Do try this out.

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Smartphone Photography Hack #6: Look for Pattern in Surroundings

Photographs are so much appealing, and we think it must have taken by a professional camera.It is just the presence of mind and photographic teachings of the particular individual.As you walk around, keep your eyes open and observe for any repeating pattern.The pattern can be of buildings, fields or trees.The concept of symmetry is also essential for beautiful photographs.Symmetry is an image that perfectly reflects the same thing top to bottom or right to left! The best shots can be taken on the water surface, as still water body creates the best reflections.

Smartphone Photography Hack #7: Shoot from Interesting Perspective

We must admit 95% of the photos are captured from the eye-level of the photographer.It is the same perspective we have been looking at objects all our life.Taking pictures from a different angle makes a whole lot of difference.You must have praised the drone shots.Even looking down from a tall building makes us happy.Just because of a different perspective.We are not used to such aspect of photographs.

Smartphone Photography Hack #8: Master Advanced  Manual Settings

This is something which is not standard in all the smartphone camera.The advanced manual control offers you all the controls of the camera.This includes the ISO control, manual shutter speed, photographManual focus.The perfect combination of these three can get you some photography.The ISO can vary from 50 to 1200 and shutter speed will range from 1/1000th of a second to 32 Second.If you want to capture some fast moving object, then keep the ISO high and Shutter Speed low.Similarly, if you wish to achieve something in the dark, make sure to maintain the phone steady and keep the shutter speed higher and ISO in the middle.You will be surprised to get such astonishing shots from your smartphone.Use a portable tripod if possible or use binder clips for DIY camera tripod.

Smartphone Photography Hack #9: Frame your Photographs

Framing a picture gives it better characteristics.This Smartphone Photography Hack comes handy to the people who are regularly uploading pictures on social networking sites.Just cut out a real paper frame and frame your photo in the real time.This will add more drama to the shots and eventually, it will look fresh and give a better perspective of the viewer.

Smartphone Photography Hack #10: Use Monitor for Bokeh Effect

Want to take a bokeh shot, but your smartphone camera does not work according to your plans.Search for Bokeh background and apply it as your background on your monitor.And done, keep your subject in front of the screen to give it a bokeh effect.This works well with the small objects only.Similarly, you can use Thermocol plates as a light reflector for a little bright photograph.

Smartphone Photography Hack #11: Use 360 Camera

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You can capture 360 photographs in your smartphone.And believe me, it looks amazing you will feel that you are standing in the picture.The 360 photographs can be taken by 360 camera apps available on play store. We recommend using Google Cardboard Camera.Also read Best Camera Applications for Smartphone here.

This was the best Smartphone Photography Hack we could find for you to get the maximum from your smartphone camera.

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